In early 2011, we broke ground on a new Fallen Firefighter Memorial located at the Ogden Memorial Gardens in Ogden, Utah.  The Memorial is located at 25th Street and Washington Blvd in Ogden Utah and will honor all firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  The Memorial represents and honors all Firefighters in the 50 States, including volunteers, full time, union members, wildland, private brigade, industrial, government, and military firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty since America became this great nation.

This Memorial will not take the place of any local, state or national firefighter memorial but will be in addition to.  It will be America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial located in the Western United States.  It also will not take place nor is affiliated with the National monument in Emmitsburg, Maryland, nor will it take the place of the great work they do with the National Firefighter Foundation.  The America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial will be an additional firefighter memorial.  It will be the largest memorial of its kind in Western North America, to pay respect to all our fallen brothers and sisters.  The monument will be built with private funds and donations and will be constructed with the finest black marble and granite and will include several bronze firefighter statues.  Our goal is to have the first phase completed by second quarter 2011.

The Memorial will be open daily to the public with a memorial service of national proportion being held each year to pay respect and honor our fallen firefighters.  We invite all American’s to come out once a year and pay respect to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The Brick Fundraising Campaign is an opportunity to be part of this historic Memorial.  The campaign will be formed to sell 14,000 bricks to pay for the monument.  Each brick will include three lines of personalized engraving.  Our wish is to have every fire department in the country purchase a brick and we also encourage individuals and other companies to help with this campaign by purchasing a brick.

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A fire ride will be held each year (2nd Saturday in September) for all to come together and honor the fallen firefighters.  This Memorial will be a place for everyone in this great nation to enjoy for generations to come.  Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.